Biological Indicator

January 16, 2019 admin 0 Comments

Product Specification Biological Indicator Incubator Series is designed for evaluating the sterility of instruments, vials, media, liquid cycles and other products in short span of time. It provides easy verification of the incubation temperature.


• Temp. Range : RT+5-100°C

• Temp. Accuracy : 0.35°C at 57°C

• Temp. Uniformity : 0.5°C

• Temp. Resolution : 0.1°C

• Time for Heating : ≤6min (20°C to 57°C)

• Designed for incubation of EO biological indicators

• Customized wells for placement of biological indicator vials

• Easy to set incubation temperature

• Aluminium blocks available to meet experimental requirement

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