Dual Purpose Incubator

January 16, 2019 admin 0 Comments

Product Specification Dual Purpose Incubator LDPI-100 Series is built with an advantage of combining two temperature ranges in one unit through the use of a simple high/low switch. It employs forced air convection method that ensures temperature uniformity in the chamber.

• Capacity : 30L, 45L, 65L, 125L, 230L

• Incubator Temp. Range : RT +5-80°C

• Oven Temp. Range : 80-250°C

• Incubator Temp. Accuracy : ±0.5°C

• Oven Temp. Accuracy : ±1°C

• Stainless steel interior and cold rolling steel with electrostatic spraying exterior

• Door with double glass observation window and adjustable air-tight lock

• Silicon rubber sealing prevents heat loss

• Adjustable fan speed

• Lateral forced air duct heater and heater covering at the bottom provides easy assembly and disassembly for convenient cleaning

• Micro-computer digital or liquid crystal temperature controller with LED digital display

• Over-temperature protection

•Overheat safety thermostat with alarm

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