Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)

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Product Specification
The atomic absorption spectrometer is the 3rd generation AAS instrument. For more than 10 years, it has built a reputation in elemental analysis research, with unbeatable performance, sensitivity and flexibility. These instruments are used in a variety of fields including environmental, agriculture, clinical, and mining. Standard configurations include the Flame (F), Flame/Graphite Furnace (F/GF), Flame/Vapour Generation (F/VG) and Flame/Graphite Furnace/Vapour Generation (F/GF/VG) enabling analyses at multiple concentration levels.


Feature and Benefits:

  • Peak performance: The 185-900nm wavelength provides the highest levels of accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Automatic switch between atomizer layouts: Using the software to change atomizer configurations removes the need for manual intervention, giving you complete ease of use.
  • Unparalleled background correction: Utilizing both the deuterium and Smith-Hieftje background correction yields high intensity and truly efficient, time reducing analysis. The 1000 Hz modulation frequency is used for essential accurate correction.
  • Quick and easy lamp upkeep: The lamps are easily accessible for simple adjustments and replacements, removing the need to completely disassemble the instrument.
  • Unrestricted throughput: The optional auto-sampler is compatible with all types of lab ware on the market, giving you the confidence to stick with your tried and tested equipment.
  • Switchable Single/Double Beam Optics: Switch between Single Beam and true Double Beam optics with just of a button.
  • Quick Switch between Flame VG and GF Atomizers: The manual or motorized platform positions the Flame, VG, and GF atomizers, enabling the quick transition between different atomizers.
  • Transversely Heated GF Tube: Unique design allows for an extremely uniform temperature distribution, creating spatially isothermal atomization conditions.
  • High GF Heating Rate: Industry leading GF tube heating rate (3800K/s) ensure that isothermal atomization conditions are achieved.
  • Teflon Nebulizer Chamber: Chemically inert to provide superior resistance against the most corrosive reagents, including organics solvents.
  • Titanium Burner Head: Titanium construction ensure a long life for the burner head.
  • Universal XYZ Auto-sampler: Compatible with all type of Atomizers: Flame, GF and VG
  • Auto Aligned & coded Five Lamp Turret: Motorized and computer controlled to hold five pre-heated hollow cathode lamps in auto-alignment.
  • Build-in Power Supplies: Independent power supplies for both the high intensity hallow cathode lamps and the GF are housed within the instrument dimension.
  • On-line Dilution: Use a single stock solution to create an entire set of calibration standards.



  • Optics: High light throughput single/double switchable optics, including low UV range.  Narrow beam optical design for flame and furnace configuration.  Aberration corrected 30cm Czerny-Turner monochromator with software controlled wavelength selection and optimization.
  • Dimensions: W 65 x D 55 x H 37cm
  • Band Pass: Software adjustable 0.2, 0.6 and 1.2 nm (0.6 nm reduced slit height).
  • Grating: 53mm x 53mm diffraction grating with 1200 lines/mm
  • Wavelength Range: 185-900 nm controlled by software
  • Wavelength Scan /Optimization: From 185-900 nm in any selected range with Zoom Function.  Automatic wavelength optimization with graphical display.
  • Background Correction: Rapid self-reversal method.  Deuterium lamp with 1 ms rapid response for accurate correction.  Electronic modulation with deuterium current control and aperture attenuation.
  • PMT: High quantum efficiency from 185-900 nm, automatic gain control.
  • Drift Correction: ADC (Automatic Drift Correction) permits the full intensity of the light beam to pass through the sample resulting in superior detection power.  No HCL preheat is required.
  • Data Sampling Rate: D2 and hollow cathode lamps operate at 1000 Hz data sampling rate
  • Light Source: 8 lamp motorized turret with independent power supply. Automatic alignment and coded lamp selection.
  • Built-in High Intensity Hollow Cathode Lamps: 2 channel independent high intensity power supply. Provides improved sensitivities and lower detection limits.



The configuration of the atomization compartment allows rapid changeover between atomization sources.



Gas control: Software controlled with automatic changeover between different flame systems.

Spray Chamber: Solid Teflon spray chamber, inert to acids and organic solvents.

Burner: Corrosion resistant Titanium burners for both air/acetylene and nitrous-oxide/ acetylene.

Gas Requirements:

1.       Air – dry, oil and dust free @ 50-80 psi                Typical flow rate 10 – 12 L/min

2.       Acetylene (99% pure) @ 8-10 psi                         Typical flow rate 0.5 – 8.0 L/min

3.       Nitrous-oxide (99.5 % pure) @ 50-80 psi              Typical flow rate 10 –12 L/min Flow

Flow-rate / Control: Software controlled.

Sample Introduction: Automatic on-line dilution and preparation of calibration curves from a single standard.

Fume Exhaustion: Conventional laboratory extraction system.

Safety System: Safety Interlock mechanism that monitors the burner type, burner fitted, gas pressures.  Flame on/off sensors; Power failure automatic shutdown.  Liquid trap system, pressure relief plug and flame shield to protect from UV radiation.


Transversely-heated Graphite Furnace:

Purge Gas: Computer controlled flow rate of Ar or He from 0 to 5.0 L/min.

Furnace Tube: Pyrolytically coated integrated contact cuvette, 5.7mm internal dia. x 19mm, transversely heated, temperature gradient of less than 20°C.

Temperature Range: Programmable from ambient up to 3000°C. Full range temperature sensors for direct real-time temperature display and control over the full temperature range.

Furnace heating rate: Up to 3800 K/s

Program flexibility: Heating programs of up to 30 steps.  Each step can be programmed separately.

Ramp Time: The heating time of the graphite tube to the preprogrammed temperature can be varied in steps of 0.1 s.

Hold Time: Selectable from 0 s up to 25 s in steps of 0.1 s

Safety: Gas and cooling water safety interlocks.



Instrument mounted with high capacity XYZ autosampler for flame, graphite furnace, vapor generation:

Dispensable reagent volume:     Up to 1000µL, selectable in increments of 1µL.

Sampling capacity: Holds standard 192 sample cup/test tube (0.5 or 10 mL) sample racks. Also compatible with standard solvent extraction test tubes, ICP test tubes, micro plates and custom made trays.

Super-Fast-Dry function: Software controlled preheating and sample injection speed.  Allows for 3 sample/min turn-around time with GF

Sample Introduction:    Random access with adjustable sample/reagent volume, automatic standard and sample preparation, standard addition and spike.


HC Lamp: Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Aluminum (Al), Cadmium (Cd), Arsenic (As), Magnesium (Mg), Lead (Pb), Calcium (Ca), Cobalt (Co), Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Chromium (Cr) & Mercury (Hg)- 1 each


Standard solution, 1000ppm, 500ml 1 vial for each element


Ventilation Kit: Includes exhaust hood, blower and 50ft flexible metal tubing, adapter and hose clamps.


Air Compressor: Oil-free air supply to flame burner head, auto shut off, and pressure regulator


Cooling Bath: Re-circulating cooling bath is highly recommended for labs that are subject to hard water conditions or do not have access to reliable running water.  Use of the re-circulating bath eliminates the potential for scaling inside the cooling system.


Gas Regulator: Argon (Ar) Gas Regulator with flow meter, Acetylene (C2H2) Gas Regulator, Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Gas Regulator


Nitrous Oxide Burner Head: Necessary for the analysis of elements that require the hotter N2O/Acetylene flame.


Nebulizer: Pt – Ir

Quartz Heating Cell: 10 pcs

Pyrolytically Coated Graphite tube for GF: 10 per pack


Vapor and Hydride Generator:

Absorption Cell: Constant temperature electro-thermally heated quartz absorption cell with temperature range of ambient to 1000 °C

Pump: Continuous flow peristaltic pump with speed control

Accessories: High efficiency mixing section, gas-liquid separator, tubing and connectors included
Performance: Cold vapor and hydride generation determinations of Hg, As, Se, Te, Bi, Sb, Sn and other hydride-forming metals at sub-trace levels

Flame Online Dilution: Offers calibration from a single standard and over-range sample dilution for flame analysis.

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